Community Development

From the very start, developing municipalities has become one of the key priorities for the Eastern Ukrainian Centre for Civic Initiatives. The Centre’s experts have been working with urban and rural municipalities all over Ukraine, and in eastern Ukraine in particular.

The Centre focuses on providing support to proactive representatives of local municipalities (community leaders, members of local government administrations, proactive teachers and journalists), who strive to make their municipalities more self-supporting, prosperous and democratic. With this in mind, the Centre runs training programmes, provides expert advice and legal aid, manages small grants programmes, helps develop and implement projects on socio-economic development and also runs advocacy campaigns.

The Centre provides support to municipalities in the following areas:

  1. Fight against illegal land and property development. The Centre supports dozens of NGOs and public interest groups throughout Ukraine who fight against illegal land and property development and stand for making urban planning documentation available to public. The Centre helps preserving public areas, park areas and listed buildings.
  2. Promotion of administrative-territorial reform (ATR). The Centre has implemented a number of projects aimed at discussing administrative-territorial reform among municipalities, who can benefit from it the most, as well as helping them determine changes required within these municipalities.
  3. Assistance in preserving schools in towns and villages. The Centre’s team developed legal documents and procedures to be followed in the event of schools abolishment; they provided public interest groups with mini-grants aimed at preserving schools in their municipalities.