Restoring peace in Donbas

The Centre concentrates its efforts towards peace building activities in eastern Ukraine. The team of Eastern Ukrainian Centre for Civic Initiatives conducts interviews with people affected by the war in Donbas. We conduct surveys and talk to people who were held in illegal detention, who lost their family members, health, property or who experienced gender based violence.

The Centre designed a questionnaire that helps understand the conflict perception by those affected. The questionnaire reveals what impact the war had on people’s lives. In interviews we also ask informants what they think needs to be done in order to restore peace. The information collected during the interviews can then be used in films and publications, which we share to encourage public engagement in a dialogue about peacebuilding.

The Centre also runs training programs for human rights organisations. As part of our work, we organise trainings and study trips, both in Ukraine and abroad. Such study trips specifically focus on diversifying methods of collecting information during an interview.

The Centre strives towards objectivity and openness in all of its activities. We collect records on violations of human rights that took place at both sides of the contact line. Our team believes that in order to restore peace, both sides of the conflict need to be heard.

The Centre, along with its partner organisations from the Coalition ‘Justice for Peace in Donbas’, processes and stores records in a database of human rights violations. The database was created in 2015 and keeps expanding and developing. The team of the Eastern Ukrainian Centre for Civic Initiatives intends to submit evidence of crimes committed during the war in Donbas to the International Criminal Court. We believe that true peace is based on renewed justice, which includes compensation for the survivors of war and fair punishment for the perpetrators.

As of early 2018, the Centre, along with its partner organisations from the Coalition, has started working on a series of reports on civilian suffering. The reports will be published in Ukrainian and English. In autumn 2018, we plan to run a travelling exhibition to support the cause.