Access to Public Information

Municipal development plans contain important information for citizens about urban redevelopment and the construction of infrastructure. This is how the public can get information about their town’s future development. Such plans disclose land resources that belong to the municipality and provide information about how they are being used.

For a long time the general development plans illegally remained beyond public access. The public did not know what to expect from the often dishonest local administrations. They were kept unaware of what happens to their town’s property: will their favourite park remain safe, will the local football field be built over by a new apartment block, or will the local government give permission to construct a polluting factory next to residential houses?

This is why the Centre spent 5 years demanding public access to municipal development plans. The Verkhovna Rada eventually introduced a law that allowed public access to these documents. However, people in some cities still do not have full access to their town’s planning documents.

The Eastern Ukrainian Centre for Civic Initiatives created a website, which provides information on public accessibility to general layout plans in all 460 urban municipalities of Ukraine. The site also allows reporting violations. If you experience problems accessing urban planning documents and seek legal aid, please contact us. Our legal experts will provide help free of charge.

Our team at the Eastern Ukrainian Centre for Civic Initiatives helps local administrations develop accountability vis-à-vis their people as well as help people know their rights and ways to protect them.