Community Development

For over 15 years the Eastern Ukrainian Centre for Civic Initiatives has helped to improve live in urban areas. We cooperate with local activists, local administrators, proactive teachers and journalists. They all have provided support in solving social, environmental and political problems in their municipalities. The Centre runs trainings for activists and provides assistance in the planning and implementation of projects. In this way the Centre contributes to the consolidation of civil society on a local level.

In 2016-2017 along with our partner organisations from Poland, we ran a training program for united territorial municipalities. The training focused on enhancing their assessment skills for the development of local projects. Representatives of municipalities from 8 Oblasts of Eastern and Southern Ukraine took part in the training program. The participants assessed the progress of important infrastructure projects, such as reconstructions of boiler systems, playgrounds, municipality centres, transport links between distant towns etc.

As part of a joint effort with our international partner organisations, the Centre shares useful tools with local municipalities that will enable them to improve their lives. We believe that through assessing the projects implemented, the local municipalities will be able to successfully implement upcoming initiatives in the future.