10/08/2017 16:08
Evaluators get ready to access united communities

A workshop for Ukrainian evaluation experts took place on 30 July-1 August in Chernihiv. A year earlier, the same experts participated in ‘Evaluation of Public Policies in Action’ - a joint Ukrainian-Polish project.

Eight evaluators from Poltava, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions took part in the event. This year’s workshop was dedicated to ex-ante evaluation of the projects.  

Experienced trainers and experts from Poland conducted the workshop sessions. The workshop included academic sessions as well as practical assignments in the field. The workshop participants studied public opinion from various groups of citizens about the state of roads in Chernihiv. Then, based on the collected information, they presented their work and held group discussions. The participants spent much time discussing and analysing their peers’ previous experience.

“The workshop programme was very insightful and dynamic. I learned a lot of new information about evaluation processes. I enjoyed working in different teams and practicing how to apply empathy method in evaluation process”, - shared Olena Beryozkina, a member of Civic Organisation ‘People of Slobozhany for Better Life’.

Currently, the workshop participants prepare for their learning trip in Poland. During the trip they will learn from experience of the local government administration on how to perform evaluation. Later, September through October they will conduct ex-ante project evaluation of eight united communities. The projects include refurbishment of the community centre in Osypenkivsk united territorial community of Berdyansk district in Zaporizhzhya region and construction of solid fuel boiler system which uses alternative fuel in Sofiyivsk united territorial community in Dnipro region. The outcomes of this project will be presented during the conference in Kyiv in mid-November.

‘Use of Evaluation Processes for Efficient Management of United Communities’ project is jointly implemented by the East Ukrainian Centre for Civil Initiatives and the Democratic Society East (DSE), funded by ‘Democracy Support’ programme within the framework of cooperation initiative for development of the Foreign Office in the Republic of Poland in 2017.