17/01/2018 16:01

Within the framework of ‘Use of evaluation processes for efficient management of united communities’ project we conducted two seminars. 24 participants from 7 regions of Ukraine participated in the event; we invited representatives of 8 communities and 8 evaluators from Ukraine, we made evaluation researches within 8 communities, and finally, we invited all concerned to join the conference titled ‘Efficient Communities Management Through Evaluation Processes’.

The project duration was 7 months and it was implemented by the Democratic Society East (DSE) Foundation (Warsaw) and the Eastern-Ukrainian Centre for Civic Initiatives (Kyiv). The key challenges of the project were evaluation researches, conducted by Ukrainian evaluators with the support of experts from Poland. They have visited 8 communities, where they conducted interviews and analysed working papers of 8 different tasks implemented by the local government administration. Evaluation reports are the outcome of these researches.

The majority of the community representatives who participated in the project have never heard about evaluation. During the conference, which summarised our work, one of the Ukrainian local government administration officials said that he is absolutely confident that the decisions made by community require a more detailed analysis. The project participants pointed out that they will be using evaluation processes more often from now on, especially when in doubt or when trying to figure out which decisions are in the best interest of the community or which decision proved to be the most efficient.

Six task performance evaluation reports conducted by six communities (construction of a playground, refurbishment of the community centre, replacement of heating systems in school) made the outcome of this project. Ukrainian evaluators designed evaluation documentation, which they started preparing last year during the project implementation. To evaluate this year’s tasks they worked in teams of two Ukrainian evaluators with the support of Polish experts. The teams were to demonstrate good organisation skills as well as situation analysis towards the work of communities in Ukraine. Not all participants managed to fulfil this task. Only six out of eight evaluation reports qualified to have met the requirements. The other two reports have not met the requirements.

We are happy to share evaluation reports, prepared by the following teams:

1. Olena Novikova and Yuri Chumak, supervised by Elżbieta Świdrowska:
Subject of evaluation report: Reconstruction of apartment block roofing in Reshetylivka village, Poltava region.
Subject of evaluation report: Repurposing prospective of Stroganiv medical practice.

2. Alla Kovalyova and Oleg Gapon, supervised by Oleksandra Kuyavska:
Subject of evaluation report: Refurbishment of community centre in Chervone Pole village in Osypenkivsk united territorial community.
Subject of evaluation report: Construction of solid fuel boiler system which uses alternative fuel (agro pellets) in Sofiyivsk united territorial community.

3. Yulia Boyko and Olena Beryozkina, supervised by Mazzei Szalaj:
Subject of evaluation report: Construction of playgrounds as way of developing social infrastructure. Case study location – Kryazhove village.
Subject of evaluation report: Transport communication network at Nedryhailiv urban settlement in Sumy region (community centre) with remote villages, by the example of Marshaly village.

We would like to express our gratitude to Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin from the Institute of Sociology by the Warsaw University, who conducted supervision of the project implementation, reviewed reports as well as provided guidance and support throughout the project.
Agnieszka Nowinska, Project Coordinator