10/12/2019 19:12
On Human Rights Day, an English version of the film "Fragile Freedom" about prisoners of the "LNR" became available to watch for free

Since the last December 10, Human Rights Day, everyone may watch for free an English version of the film "Fragile Freedom" about prisoners of the "LNR". This film was made by Babylon`13 Cinematographers Association and DocNoteFilms studio with support from the Eastern Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives.

The "Fragile Freedom" released on 10 October, 2018. The film was shown both within Ukraine and abroad. The Ukrainian version of the film came out on Ukrainian Constitution Day.

Human rights defenders and filmmakers expect to attract greater attention of the international community to human rights violations in eastern Ukraine due to war continuing there through free access to the English version of the film.

“Our job as documentarians is to tell about the extremely difficult issues with the language of film available to its viewers. We expect that after watching the film with dubbing, the English-speaking viewer will be able to understand what the film is about, take on the fate of its heroes, and may be even for the first time to get the answer on the question: Why do Ukrainians demand justice? ” - the film's director Konstantin Klyatskin said.

“Unfortunately, an increasing number of Western politicians are willing to divide the world with Russia into zones of influence and turn a blind eye to war crimes and brutal human rights violations. We will confront this and the release of the English version of the film "Fragile Freedom" is one such step. The key to peace in the Donbas is not to gain Russia`s favor as an aggressor country, but to make it follow legal norms of coexistence with other countries”- Volodymyr Shcherbachenko, the head of the East Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives, said.

The film is about 5 civilians who survived illegal detention in the basements of the former Lugansk state administration after the occupation. The film script is based on the analytical report "In save custody of the House of "the LPR Government" about the facts of torture and ill-treatment. In five years since being released, the film's heroes, who were tortured and treated illegal, still seek to convict those who responsible for these crimes.

Recently the Kreminsky District Court of the Luhansk region suspended the trial of the "prosecutor" of the so-called LNR Arkady Kornievsky, accused of illegal imprisoning and torturing of those who became film's heroes, and decided not to consider the case in his absence of the accused.

The victim in that case and the hero of the film, Alexander Retiv said “I feel abandoned by the state and unable to defend myself. How many years to strive for justice and this was for nothing. It feels like this is my problem, not the tragedy of the whole country. That this is not a war relating to the whole country and is against the whole country but is personally my problem”.

The film was made by the director of the film - Konstantin Klyatskin, the production director - Pavel Lypa, composer - Roman Vyshnevsky, sound engineer - Vasyl Yavtushenko, executive producer - Sergey Malyarchuk, artist - Laszlo Almashi, animation designer - Sergey Grigoriev, search of heroes and consulting on the content of the film - Volodymyr Shcherbachenko, Anna Yanova.