Documenting Violations of Human Rights during the war

Since the beginning of the conflict, the Centre, along with other NGOs from the Coalition ‘Justice for Peace in Donbas’ has collected 370 interviews from people affected by the war in Donbas as well as witnesses of human rights violations.

Based on the information collected, the Centre took part in preparing a number of analytical reports. They have published their first book as well as a documentary called ‘Surviving Hell’. Later on in 2016, the Centre participated in the writing of short analytical reports for the annual OSCE meeting covering human dimension and UN Human Rights Universal Periodic Review. These publications have led to active discussions during their launch both in Ukraine and abroad.

At the end of 2017, after long months of hard and meticulous work, the Centre presented a publication called ‘War Without Rules: Gender Based Violence Associated with the Armed Conflict in Eastern Ukraine’.

The Centre participated in a unique project presenting a graphic novel consisting of short stories called “At the Crossroad: 9 Stories about War and Violence”. It is based on detailed biographical interviews which the Centre has collected for a year and then jointly processed with their partners — artists and activists.

The Eastern Ukrainian Centre of Civic Initiatives spends a lot of time providing support and developing their database on violation of human rights, which took place during the conflict in Donbas. As of February 2018 the database contained 14.000 recorded incidents, half of them were documented by the Centre. As of March 2018, the database safely stores about 1800 recorded incidents, the Centre processed 400 of them.