27/09/2022 13:09
6th month of war in the digest from EUCCI experts

Human rights activists of the Eastern Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives summed up the results of the 6th month of the war. In August, the center's specialists recorded the following types of violations:

  • Premeditated murders and tortures of the civilian population. The exhumation of the bodies of people whose deaths occurred during the occupation of the Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions continued during August 2022. In addition, in the last month of summer, there were regular reports of suspicion in absentia to Russian military servicemen of violation of the laws and customs of war, combined with premeditated murder.
  • The trend and practice of shellings of the municipalities in the border regions of Ukraine that were previously de-occupied (Chernihiv and Sumy regions) from the territory of the Russian Federation has preserved. During August 2022, indiscriminate artillery attacks as well as rocket and bomb attacks continued to be launched on the municipalities where the active hostilities continued nearby (the cities of Bakhmut and Slovyansk of the Donetsk region, others), as well as those municipalities located in the rear of Ukrainian troops (the cities of Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Nikopol and others).
  • Threat to high-risk structures and installations. The situation around Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant remains tense. We remind that the object is controlled by the Russian military. Despite calls by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to demilitarize the plant, it still remains under Russian control.
  • Mistreatment of the dead bodies. In August, the so-called "stand-up with a skull" gained a great resonance. In the end of August, a fragment of the video where the Russian nationalist Igor Mangushev during the event of a "stand-up on a military theme" was disparagingly demonstrating a human skull began to spread in social networks. According to him, this was the skull of a Ukrainian military who died at "Azovstal".
  • The attempt of conviction of the prisoners of war. Throughout August, the Ukrainian and international media actively discussed the attempt of the Russian Federation to hold an "international tribunal" over the captured defenders of "Azovstal" in the occupied Mariupol. Russia's actions were condemned by the UN High Commissioner for human rights, the US Department of the State, Embassy of Germany to Ukraine, as well as governments/diplomatic institutions of a number of other civilized countries of the world.
  • For the sixth month in a row, Russians have been causing the irreparable damage to the natural environment of Ukraine. Thus, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, more than 30% of the Ukrainian territory is considered potentially contaminated with various ammunition and explosive devices. Landmines are often encountered by wild animals. While being confused and frightened, they leave the territory and massively migrate. In August, the Ministry of Environmental protection and Natural Resources disclosed an approximate amount of damage caused to Ukraine. It amounts to more than 962 billion UAH. Read more about these and other recorded violations in the Digest:

The Eastern Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives documents human rights violations committed during the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine since 2014. The purpose of documentation is to present the collected materials to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, international commissions of investigation and other international organizations. The EUCCI provides free legal and other forms of assistance to certain categories of victims. For more information about the EUCCI, please visit the website of the organization: https://totalaction.org.ua/.

Human rights activists continue to record numerous incidents of similar and other violations of IHL that can be qualified as war crimes and crimes against humanity.